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What do all those weight things, like GTW, MAM and MTPLM mean?

Essential Equipment Payload (EEP)

This is the fluids and items that are needed for the safe and proper use of the caravans equipment, this means such things as Gas and water for the water heater.

Gross Train Weight. (GTW)

This is the maximum weight a vehicle can move on a road. It is made up of the MAM and the MGW.

Gross Vehicle Weight. (GVW)

This is the total weight that a car or trailer/caravan is designed to carry. Meaning the weight of the trailer with it's load, the car must never be loaded beyond this weight.

Kerbsideweight (KW),

U.K, This is the weight of the vehicle but with no passengers, including adequate supply of liquids for it's operation, and the standard set of tools and equipment.

E.U Directive, weight of the vehicle with fuel tank 90% full plus driver and 7kg of luggage.

Mass in Running Order. (MIRO)

This is the weight of the caravan in standard trim as it leaves the factory, it includes a tolerance of plus or minus 3% per cent.

Maximum Authorized Mass. (MAM)

This is the Maximum total weight that a vehicle is designed to carry, it includes the vehicle weight and the load carried.

Maximum Gross Weight. (MGW)

The absolute maximum total weight as set by the manufacturer.

Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass. (MTPLM)

Same as MGW, This is the maximum total laden weight allowed, as set by the manufacturer, that the caravan can take.

Maximum Towing Limit. (MTL)

This is the total amount that the vehicle can move from a hill start. The vehicle must be able to do this 5 times on a 12 per cent hill within 5 minutes. This limit is an absolute maximum and must never be exceeded. I wouldn't  recommend using this as your main guide to what your vehicle can tow.


This is the downward pressure placed on your towball by your caravan hitch, it can be measured by using a set of kitchen scales and a lump of wood to balance the caravan on the scales, or a proper noseweight gauge. The maximum must be no greater than either that stated in your Caravan or Car  handbook, whichever is the LOWER. (Usually between 50-100kg, typically 75kg)

Personal Effects Payload. (PEP)

This is the Personal items that you would carry in your caravan and includes things like food, bedding, clothes etc. sometimes simply called Personal effects.

Car to Caravan weight ratio
It is strongly recommended that you do not exceed an 85% caravan to car weight ratio.  i.e: Your caravan when fully loaded, should not be more than 85% of your cars kerb-weight (or max tow weight if this is lower).  If you are experienced at towing you may tow up to 100% but this is not recommended.

Vehicle Identification Number. (VIN)

This is the number on the metal plate fixed to the chassis of the caravan or on the car which identifies the vehicle, on a caravan it has the weights on it.

Please Note: These explanations have been prepared with the greatest care and as far a we are aware they are correct however Caravanninglinks or Powerlink House ltd and it's representatives cannot be held responsible for incidents arising from using these explanations.
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